Shipping FAQ

What are your shipping rates?

Shipping within the USA:

My shipping rates are calculated via the USPS. I add a little extra to cover the cost of shipping materials and my time to pack everything up.

 Shipping Internationally:

Shipping To CANADA:

Small Goods $10.00 arrives in 5-7 business days.*

Large Goods $15.00 arrives in 5-7 business days.*

Shipping To The Rest Of The World:

Small Goods  $10.00 arrives in 7-10 business days.*

Large Goods $20.00 arrives in 10-14 business days.*

*We unfortunately cannot provide tracking for international orders. For certain countries (Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of China) shipping can take as long as 20-30 days. Please allow a few extra days if you're very far away!

I tend to ship things twice a week. If you order something on a Thursday night or Friday morning, it will most likely ship the following Monday. We will not ship during any US Government holidays. If you need something extra-speedy, contact us!

Some orders may also come in a recycled/reused envelope. If I receive boxes, tyvek envelopes, or bubble mailer, that are still safe to use and weatherproof, I repurpose them for my own shipping. 

I'm Alex, and I make monsters.

I'm an illustrator, textile artist, and professional designer. I've worked in corporate-land for nearly 15 years and have always crafted and made outside of that. I'm a lover of animals, fantasy, and diving into any new hobby or skill.