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CUP-CAT drink caddy

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 Each Cup-Cat is made of organic cotton and is hand dyed in my kitchen.

Standing on a street corner in Taichung, Taiwan you’re bound to see thousands of folks zipping around on scooters and bikes. If you look closely, you’ll see to-go cups of Bubble Tea tucked aways in plastic or cloth bags or little handled sleeves. These cups dangle from the handlebars of many of the scooters. Hands free, secure, and accessible!

CUP-CAT was inspired by bringing a handy and convenient way to carry your daily coffee or tea on the go, just like the scooter traffic of Taiwan. Ditch the cardboard caddy, ditch the paper sleeve, and keep it hand free in the process. I have personally been able to carry four cups of coffee in each hand with cup-cats, spill free!

There is some variation in each item and may not look identical to the listing images. This goes especially for the "multi bundle-dye" color way which naturally has a ton of color and pattern variation between the front of back of the cup-cats.

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