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Natural Dye Fabric, Small Remnant Bundle

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If you need to patch a hole in your favorite pair of pants or want to do a little scrap-quilting, this bundle of hand-dyed remnants is perfect for your craft!
Each bundle comes with 10 pieces of fabric ranging in size from 4x5" to 5x8". A majority of these textiles are remnants and offcuts from fabric I have dyed myself with natural dyes. Some bundles may also include a small piece of vintage indigo fabric with a variety of treatments and prints.

For my natural dye fabrics I only use Organic cotton broadcloth, muslin, and canvas and my plant dyes are either purchased from amazing vendors in the USA, or I make the dyes myself (for things like onion skins, coffee, or avocado.)

These bundles are pretty reflective of the listing image. There will be variation between bundles, but each will contain a blue, pink, and yellow. I will update the listing images if the bundle changes dramatically.

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